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Privacy Notice
Privacy Policy


Patient Information Privacy

Purpose of this Notice

To preserve and protect the confidential nature of patient medical information, to the fullest extent of the law.

Standard of Policy

Reach Out of Montgomery County is required by applicable federal and state laws to keep certain information about the patient private. We treat medical and demographic information that we collect as part of providing patient care as “Protected Information.” It is our policy to maintain the privacy of Protected Information in accordance with HIPAA, except to the extent that applicable state law provides greater privacy protections. This standard of policy was drafted to be consistent with the HIPAA privacy regulation.


Executive Board of Directors of Reach Out of Montgomery County


  • Privacy policy is available to each patient.
  • Agreements with business associate will be updated annually.
  • Medical records storage compliance will be updated biannually.
  • Clinic forms will be updated annually, or whenever procedures change.
  • Computer security (password protection) will be updated biannually.
  • Policies will be updated annually.
  • Staff and volunteer training will take place annually.
  • Methods of medical records transport will be checked and updated as needed.